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Recycling Solution with Rotary Kiln Thermolysis by DGE

Our core competence is the thermolysis in indirect heated rotary kilns, but you probably searching for a complete solution of your disposal problem.

By our cooperation in different networks we are generating integrated disposal and recycling solutions, which will present here in future.

Our main focus of attention is in local disposal, local producing of usefull products and maybe energy supply with electric power (200 kW to 1MW) and thermal heat.

A new concept of waste recycling

With some partners we developt a new recycling concept where nearly all waste educts can be changed to interesting products. Read more at the new site ...

DGE Thermolysis

Wide variety of products

DGE thermolysis plants are designed for a wide range of product treatment. See a variety of possibilities...

Recycling solutions

Production solutions:

Wide variety of process

Due to the wide range of process parameters (residence time, filling degree, temperatures) different processes are possible:
250 - 350 °C Torrefication = partly thermolysis explosive risc process, high content of acids
350 - 500 °C Low Temperature Thermolysis only particulary cracking
500 - 800 °C Middle Temperature Thermolysis efficient heat transfer
800 - 950 °C High Temperature Thermolysis efficient heat transfer, but higher energy consumption
950 - 1.100 °C Gasification = total cracking into H2, CO, C high energy consumption with inderect heating, expensive materials

Plant sizes

type design throughput * status remarks
MY 10 kg/h under construction
MACRO 30 kg/h start of development 2016
MICRO 80 kg/h available electric heated, containerized, same controls as MIDI
MINI 250 kg/h designed gas heated
MIDI 500 kg/h prefered standard electrical heated, can be combined with renewable energy plants
MAXI 1,000 kg/h designed alternative MIDI-Duo
MASTER 2,000 kg/h designed alternative MIDI-Quad
MEGA 3,500 kg/h individual design
Ultra 7,000 kg/h individual design
*= The throughput refers to a density of 0.4 t/m³ and a residence time of 60 minutes in the continuous process.

DGE Safety Concept

For DGE-Engineers safety has the highest priority!
Therefor following engineering packages are our standard:
  • Mechanical stress calculation for kiln shell and support (design for 100.000h)
  • Process design for all time safety operation
  • HAZOP basic analysis for the complete plant
  • HAZOP detail analysis for each unit
  • SIL checking for sensors
  • Explosive protection concept
  • Fire protection concept
  • Safety and healthy concept
Further information you find on our page for thermolysis safety.

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