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Scrap Tire Recycling

Safety at pyrolysis plants
Presentation: DGE-Thermolysis of scrap tires
Massflow and emissions
Economic of DGE-scrap tire-thermolysis
Information about scrap tires
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« Electric power for free -
in case of excellent meteorological conditions the photovoltaic and wind energy production is so high that the price for electric power will be negative. The producer of electric power have to pay ... During 25th of December 2012 at 4:00 a.m. the energy price was (minus) 220 €/MWh.

First time during daytime at 24th March 2013 (sunday) the energy price for for several hours negative... »

Electric Power Produktion vs. Product Manufaturing

Decreasing energy selling profits for industrial produced electric power will open the question about future solutions.
Interesting developments for smallscale energy producing units will exacerbate the situation up.

DGEngineering see the future in a production based processing, the thermolysis (of waste) ...


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For first clarification of used process names please note following table:
Process Description
Torrefication drying and partly carbonisation for increasing the specific heating value
Pyrolysis producing process gas by carbonisation, mainly for combustion in a burning chamber and steam circuit
Thermolysis carbonisation under special defined conditions for producing industrial raw products
Gasification destroying carbon hydrogen materials for producing syngas ( H2 +CO ) mainly for electric power production or Fischer-Tropsch solutions

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