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DGE-Thermolysis plant MIDI

Scrap Tire Recycling

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Technical Details
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Dirk Gerlach Engineer

DGE thermolysis plant MIDI

Based due to the personally experience during the startup of the plants in Yokohama (2000), Maizuru (2001), Semirara (2005) and Limassol (2009) the conventional process designed was scrutinized.
Also experience (reports) of all German based plants were evaluated for designing a trendsetting plant layout.
  • semimobile
  • fully automatic
  • continuous operation for best product qualities
  • manless operation design
  • autarc due to hopper size up to several days
  • more than 100,000 h lifetime design

  • Design by DGE 2011-2014
MIDI-Single MIDI-Duo for scrap tires

Possible Operations

Local Produktion Point

For reducing transport costs and increasing local economic/benefit do a local
  • scrap tire processing
  • plastic processing
  • biomass processing

Local Energy Supply

  • different feeding materials for seasonal operation
  • possibility for environmental friendly disposal of local production waste
  • hygienisation and thermal disposal of predried sludges
  • waste heat for heat grid
  • multifuel CHPs for peak power
  • further possibilities for grid stabilisation

Local allround solution

With the possibility of several feed materials you got an universal solutions for small villages of appr. 100 - 300 citizens:
  • plastic waste processing for producing a storable heating energy, possible fuel for power generation
  • biomass processing for producing fertilizer (ex. g. Tera Preta)
  • food rest processing as waste disposal
  • soil processing for cleaning the environment (ex. g. mercury contamination of gold production)
  • (waste) heat for heating of green houses (food production)

Education / Research / Pilot Plant

Following features are included:
  • lot of sensors for detailed test reporting
  • control system with large data storage for later processing
  • from the real data a real kernel can be built for furtherupscale simulation or education
  • semimobile plant for further easy replacement

Further Information about DGE Thermolysis Technology

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Dirk Gerlach   •   Passion for Innovation

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