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Dirk Gerlach Engineer

Upgrading of Lignite to Clean Coal Briquettes


  • Smokeless briquettes
  • Invcreasing the heating value
  • Drying
  • Reducing of sulphur
  • Preparing for briquetting
  • Getting smaller amounts of (heating) oils


  • Permanent gas: for self-heating of process (autotherm)
  • Condensate oil: different qualities after destillation or refining
  • Condensate water:
  • Solids: briquettes
Oven for CleanCoal-Briquettes
(heat for app. 2-3 h)

Advantages DGE Basic Technology

  • continuous process for highest quality and stability
  • no critical emissions
  • producing of sulphur reduced coke
  • lower amounts of process gas than conventional cokery technologies
  • relativ small plants for decentral operation near outlying mines
  • same plant for lignite processing, waste disposal, tyres disposal, oil contaminated soil cleaning

Needed Pre Treatment

  • Drying: 10% WC is requiered
  • Crushing: max. grain size 10mm
  • Sorting: not needed

Post Treatment by Partners

  • Briquetting
  • Destillation or refining of oil condensate
  • Cleaning by fermentation of condensate water
Clean Coal Briquettes from Lignite

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