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Economy of Scrap Tires Recycling by Pyrolysis/Thermolysis

Hourly vs. Yearly rating

DGE plants type MIDI are specified with 600 kg/h and 7500 h/a. This is a yearly input of minimum 4,500 tons. Due to our experience we know that 8,200 h/a are possible but only with a good operating crew.

Often we get a request for a "10 tons per day plant". That is theoretical 416 kg/h and a theoretical yearly input of 3,650 tons. The question, if it is a really real value. Due to dissatified (Indian) operators are these values definitely to high!

So the request for a "10 tons per day plant" will be equal to 50% of our MIDI plant...


DGE is calculation with material values of 100,000 h lifetime of the rotary kiln shell. Due to the German experiences a lifetime of a correct calculated kiln shell can be over 20 years.

Due to dissatified (Indian) operators the typical life time of a "10 tons per day plant" less than 1 year sometimes only half a year!

With a calculated operation time you only need one DGE plant typ MIDI, but more than 52 cheap plants (average lifetime of 0.75 years). Therefore the cheap "10 tons per day plants" are definitely more expensive!


A continuous running DGE-plant with more than 7,500 hours per year, every time producing same product quality will be accepted by residents and authorities!

With a "10 tons per day plant" every time there will be the question not only with the operators: "When is the next damage...

For authorities and residents it is very important, if the next damage will only destroy the plant or if an accident with explosion and bodily insury will happen.
As happenend 2011 also in Germany a pure manuell operated procedural chemical plant will be destroyed by human operator. Hopefully without any bodily injury!

Any questions for safety of rotary kiln thermolysis plants?


Euler-Hermes provides different possibilities for non-German investors and German technology suppliers.

Economy of DGE Scrap Tires Pyrolysis/Thermolysis Plants

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