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Production of GreenChemicals

Biological raw materials consist of a lot of different structured elements, which will need by the chemical industry for production of consumer products.
Certain examinations in the past had figured, that rotary kiln processes can built by different process paramters different products. But for generating exact defined products you will need a very good controlled and continuous rotary kiln process.
Therefor for (renewable) biomasses you get an interesting field of business: chemical raw production!

Large chemical factory site have a high risc-damage-potential. The acceptance of citizens is decreasing.
In large countries with not the best possibilities for transporting an econimic efficiency is only given near the roads, railways or rivers.
For antagonizing the rural exodus the development of decentral high qualified production units will needed and also it is possible!

Advantages DGE-Technologie

  • Continuous process for best qualities
  • No critical emissions
  • Adaption of catalytic technologies possible
  • Adaption of cavitativ technologies possible
  • Total different process than synthesis and Fischer-Tropsch possible
  • Better energy efficiency by cooperation with photovoltaic and windmills

Needed Pre Treatment

  • Drying: suggested lower 15% WC
  • Crushing: suggested to grain size less 25mm
  • Compacting: due to product
  • Sorting: due to product

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