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Facts + Knowledge about Thermolysis / Pyrolysis

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Pyrolysis? Thermolysis?

Some generally differences causing sometimes confusion:
  • Chemical reaction: Normally the search string pyrolysis is used for a general thermal cracking process for destroying waste. The DGE process don't want to destroy but produce sellable products. So for changing into new products the wording is more correct.
  • Oxygen content: Pyrolysis is often used for a thermal process with "Lambda less 1 " or "Lambda nearly 0"
    Thermolysis is definetely "Lambda = 0"

Rotary Kiln Processes

Rotary kilns are well known more than 50 years. More than 5000 years the pyrolising process in case of wood char coal production is also well known.
Most of people know the direct heated cement kilns or direct heated waste incineration kilns.

But our indirect heated rotary kiln process is different with new possibilities.
Find more information about the processes and its advantages here.

Pyrolysis oil - condensate oil

Mostly you find statements and presentations about pyrolysis oil from (lower temperature) flash pyrolysis.
In normal case there is no explicit difference given between the different kinds of oils and its production parameters.
Read some interesting details about acid in pyrolysis oil, operation of mixted waste

Energy Efficiency

If horizontal or vertical reactor...
If rotary kiln or screw reactor...
The netto process energy will always the same, but for the brutto energy consumption read more details here.

DGE Safety Concept

For DGE-Engineers safety has the highest priority!
Therefor following engineering packages are our standard:
  • Mechanical stress calculation for kiln shell and support (design for 100.000h)
  • Process design for all time safety operation
  • HAZOP basic analysis for the complete plant
  • HAZOP detail analysis for each unit
  • SIL checking for sensors
  • Explosive protection concept
  • Fire protection concept
  • Safety and healthy concept
Further information you find on our page for thermolysis safety.


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