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Scrap Tire Recycling

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Technical Details
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Dirk Gerlach Engineer

Upgrading of Sunflower Hull Shells


  • Environmental friendly disposal without (sichtbaren) Qualm
  • Using of heat energy without (problematic) combustion
  • Producing of fertilizer / bio coke


  • Permanent gas: Mainly H2, CH4, CO, CO2
  • Condensate oil: insignificant (<2%)
  • Condensate water: Due to process temperature from acid to alcalic
  • Solids: (Cleaned) minerals with coke

Advantages DGE Basic Technology

  • Continuous process for highest quality and stability
  • No critical emissions in reason of separation of pyrolysis and combustion

Needed Pre Treatment

  • Drying: not needed, typically less than 10% WC
  • Crushing: not needed
  • Compacting: not needed, but for optimizing the process flow (ex.g. reducing of hopper volumes) a pelletizing is sensefull
  • Sorting: not needed

Post Treatment by Partners

  • Heavy oil burner for all condensate oil qualities
  • Terra Preta (Fertilizer)
  • Gasification in fluidized bed reactors

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