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Scrap Tire Recycling

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Rotary Kiln Processes

Rotary kiln plants are well done following processes:

Rotary Kiln Principles

Direct heated
  • Burner inside rotary kiln
  • Heat transfer by off gas
  • Atmosphere inside rotary kiln with oxygen due to burning regulations
  • Gas speed in reason of off gas amount relative high
  • Maximum temperature only related of combustion parameters
Indirect heated
  • Heating from outside the rotary kiln
  • Heat transfer through rotary kiln shell
  • Atmosphere variable adjustable
  • Gas speed variable adjustable
  • Maximum temperature only related of shell material

DGE Rotary Kiln Thermolysis Process Flow Chart

Advantages of DGE Thermolysis Systems

  • continuous process for constant quality
  • all equipment designed for longlife 24h/7d operation (minimum 100,000 hours values)
  • extensive sensors for best quality as can be proved
  • fully automatic control system
  • automatic feeding system for man free shifts
  • electrical heating system for combination with renewable energy sources, ex.g. bio gas fermenters
  • separately control of the different heating zones for quick process changes
  • automatic solid output with closed cooling systemfor highest fire and explosive protection
  • solid storage with coal dust explosive protection equipment
  • short and large diameter process gas piping for safety operation(dust and tar!)
  • 3 fully adjustable rectification columns for 3 different high quality fractions
  • maintenance and cleaning during operation
  • separation of solids and water in side stream of condensation unit
  • cleaning of process gas to prevent expensive off gas cleaning units
  • but still emmission control monitoring of clean exhaust gases for clean technology as can be proved

Further information of plant layouts and a rough overview of throughput you will find here.
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