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Details about biomass pyrolysis condensates


During our own researches we found an interesting point of the acidity of thermolysis condensates, which variety will shown on the diagramm for a biomass.

Acetic acid is the (final) decomposition product of biomasses and can be thermally cracked in different steps between 330°C and 750°C.
At this place a kindly thank you for Narayanan Padmanabhan of Indian Institute of Science in Bangladore for his article of "Catalytic Cracking of Acetic Acid to Acetic Anhydride" from 1968!
The typical statement for pyrolysis oils must defintely be counter-checked to the process and its temperature, if there wasn't a cracking of acetic acids of not! In nearly all found presentations about pyrolysis oil there was the missing information. Mostly tests where done by a flash pyrolysis with temperature bloew 500°C mostly below 350°C.
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