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Dirk Gerlach Engineer

Pyrolysis rotary kiln plants for scrap tire recycling

Location: Limassol (CY)
Typ: Maxi-08
Throughput: 800 kg/h
shredded scrap tires
Startup July 2009
Manufacturer: TechTrade
DGE-function: mechanical design, projecting
Startup directly by DGE

Scrap Tire Plant Erection in Limassol 2009

Some people claiming (even in 2011) that they are the first people they developed and will start a scrap tire thermolysis plant...
Dirk Gerlach was the project manager for designing, manufacturing and erection of the Limassol plant.
Kick off December 2007 - start operation in August 2009
During starting up DGE was involved a technical consultants.

See an impression of the plant erection. Pictures were done by the erection manager Werner Schütze.
Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Dirk Gerlach   •   Passion for Innovation

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