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DGE-Thermolysis plant MIDI

Scrap Tire Recycling

Safety at pyrolysis plants
Presentation: DGE-Thermolysis of scrap tires
Massflow and emissions
Economic of DGE-scrap tire-thermolysis
Information about scrap tires
Information about thermolysis condensate

Technical Details
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Dirk Gerlach Engineer

Pyrolysis rotary kiln plants for lignite degasification

Location: Semirara (Ph)
Typ: Mini
Throughput: 300 kg/h
Lignite to smokeless briquettes (Clean Coal Project)
Startup 2005
Manufacturer: TechTrade
DGE-function: mechanical design, projecting, startup

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Dirk Gerlach   •   Passion for Innovation

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